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Our Story

HiPER Scientific Calculator

Jindra started developing his HiPER Scientific Calculator. These days, the app has more than 40 million downloads on Google Play.

Guitar and Violin Tuner: Tuneo

Jan started developing his Guitar and Violin Tuner. The app has over 3 million downloads on Google Play now.

Crossoid development started

Jan and Jindra teamed up, and started thinking how to bring their apps to iOS. Based on that, they prototyped a library that implements Android-alike API so that their Android apps can be recompiled for iOS – with no modifications of the Android code.

HiPER Scientific Calculator released on iOS

After two years of work, HiPER Scientific Calculator was finally released on iOS. It has got nearly 500 thousand downloads in the first year. The code of the iOS functionality is the same as on Android, thanks to Crossoid.

Crossoid s.r.o. incorporated

We have decided to provide Crossoid to others too, so we have incorporated a limited company to offer Crossoid as a product, including services surrounding it.

Jan Holešovský

Jindra Houska